Me+suspension above the earth=silent weeping machine
  1. Crying baby
    Of course you are crying! This shit makes no sense. And you keep on getting shushed and smothered. Tiny baby, and I will show solidarity by weeping with you as a commrade.
  2. September 2008
    I was going to drop out of college and move to Olympia Washington for Love! (Realized I was in love with his music later) But all he wanted to do once I got there was drink Mad Dog and lay on me. So I stole a copy of Welcome to The Monkey House (boaster of the best author penned introduction) and from there on out, for 6 hrs I alternated between reading and weeping. I thought I had figured out what to do.
  3. All the movies
    Most recently: Adaptation,This is Where I Leave You, Finding Nemo, Frozen (when she is building the ice palace) and The Maze Runner (a society of boys!)
  4. When the food is really really lacking
    Sometimes it just sends me over the edge. So I will quietly sob while eating that mid sized rock of a buttered roll.
  5. Plane to London 2010
    I get to make music and go to London to play it for humans!! Happiest weep fest.