1. Earth Girls Are Easy
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    Not only does this film have TWO makeover montages, it also has two musical numbers AND a dance off. And post-"doctor, I forgot my mantra" and pre-Buckaroo Bonsai Jeffy G. as a hot blue alien. Yowza.
  2. The Unbelievable Truth
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    Hal Hartley's first movie. It makes me cry all the way through it. The colors and the writing and and and
  3. Simply Irresistible
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    There is a magical crab in this film.
  4. Tampopo
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    A food movie about ramen that is also a Japanese western. AND it has sexy scenes with an egg yolk and shrimps. (Separately)
  5. Double Jeopardy
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    Murder and Mom Rage!
  6. The Fifth Element
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    I mean cmon. AND costumes by Gautier #yesqueen
  7. L.A.Story
  8. Moonstruck