I am in the rv we rented driving home. We played on Friday, and then stayed till Sunday because why not?
  1. Silent discos are both fun to watch and participate in.
  2. A beautiful young man ran up to my best friend as we walked into a Christmas themed barn rave. He ran his hands down his front while making deep eye contact and yelled "YOU MADE IT!!" Then threw his hands up in the air and ran like hell.
  3. D'Angelo and The Vanguard put on the best show I have ever seen. Seriously. I would fly to see this show again. They went on at 2 am and it was completely worth battling jet lag to stay awake for.
  4. Mom helping panicked but angelic child take a giant poop in the middle of everything
  5. Kendrick Lamar played an incredible show to the biggest audience I have ever seen. He had a truly abysmal guest vocalist, who made me audibly scoff. The old man behind me reminded me to radiate positivity. I told him to quit radiating bossiness.
  6. I was gifted four gigantic glazed donuts which I handed out to people as I walked to get a Bloody Mary. I ate one. It was delicious.
  7. A bunch of breweries in our camping area holding a flip cup tournament.
  8. Got so hot I almost panicked. Ended up standing under a fountain in all of my clothes.
  9. A boy whose hula hooping didn't make me want to punch him. It was really lovely to watch. Normally hoppers make me instantly annoyed.
  10. I lost the pack of boys I hang out with all day everyday while I was wearing a spandex onesie. I forgot how much attention you get as a solitary lady wearing something sexy! Had to shove a frat boy.
  11. A dream girl wearing chakra adjusting glasses! They made you only see red.
  12. So many babes
  13. This blown out guy
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