It is technically on the 2nd of July, but I am going to be on a plane to Milwaukee tomorrow, so we are having a party today.
  1. I am 27!
    If I was my mom at this age, I would have a 6 year old and be living in Eugene Oregon, balancing writing a weekly cooking column, a husband who is brilliant but paints the toilet with water colors, and working at a bakery. My daughter would have chronic ear infections, and I would trade bread for doctors appointments.
  2. I am 27!
    I am now really really an adult. If I was seven, and saw myself now, I would not think "that person is a cool older kid!" I would ask "Where are your kids? Do you have a house? Do you like to cook? Are you pregnant? Do you have a dog?"
  3. I cried about bees
    There was a really good interview with an entomologist about bee species in North Carolina. She kept on referring to the bees as her/she while explaining their quest for survival. I identified very strongly, and cried in the parking lot. It felt GREAT.
  4. I love my man
    I love him so much I want to scratch his bug bites for him. Sometimes I do.
  5. Strawberry rhubarb pies are impossible to find in North Carolina.
    My sweetie can't find one to buy, and I realized that all I really want is one made by my mother. She puts an A on top so the fruit can breath while it cooks and it always made me feel like a queen. Once she made me a mermaid cake with green chocolate scales. I love my mom.
  6. My father is wonderful
    Imagine a drag queen that is a professional Santa clause. That is my father. He needs a lot of attention and he cries at least once a day. Usually about things like bees on public radio.
  7. I am surrounded by the best group of boys.
    One who only eats brown things and raw spinach, one who makes cookies that are cake in disguise, one who loves granular synthesis so much it makes him weep, one who I am not dating, who tells me I am perfect every single morning.
  8. Life rules.
    I am so happy I was made.