In England playing festivals. Shit is bleek.
  1. Toast
    Sourdough. Butter. Good.
  2. Fried egg
    Usually I don't eat them at all. In my brain runny yolk is reserved for the truly daring and badass. Pretty proud.
  3. Streaky bacon
    Which is what they call USA bacon but different because it grew up an ocean away eating English things.
  4. Pork pie with questionable fruit chutney
    Purple fruit chutney
  5. Cider
    Mysteriously made out of passion fruit
  6. Leaves
    This is not a land of dressing over here. Salad means carrots with mayonnaise. Freal.
  7. Wine gums
  8. Gin and seltzer with a bit of grapefruit juice.
    Show drank
  9. Cheese straws
    For some reason they were covered in nuts
  10. Emergen-c
    From home