1. R/aww
    Cats. Enough said
  2. R/eli5
  3. R/gifs
  4. R/upliftingnews
    Nothing better to make our day better
  5. R/diy
    There are rarely cooler things than something being built and us being able to see how. With the occasional parent trying to build something for his/her last little kid to melt your heart
  6. R/science
    Reddit is has a diverse crowd. This SUBREDDIT is filled with really smart folks explaining science stuff to the not so scientifically literate
  7. R/books
    Some great recommendations available here
  8. R/IAmA
    My most favorite thing about reddit is this. Recent ones with chef Ramsey, bernie Sanders, ed Snowden and Joe satriani were great. I would love to have ama for the creators of South Park, Neil D Tyson, ARRahman.
  9. R/earthporn
    Showing everyone that Scotland / Iceland level breathtaking beauty is in other countries too