1. EVR Periyar
    Tamil rationalist, feminist and much more in the early 1900 till his death. Way ahead of his time
  2. Neil Degrasse Tyson
    Extremely passionate about science and great spokesperson for it. A total hero
  3. Thomas Paine
    Amazing leader. Responsible for the world's first secular democracy.
  4. Richard Dawkins
    Read his book The selfish genes. Great evolutionary biologist
  5. Dr. B.R Ambedkar
    Fought through the most repressive systems in the world. Big contribution to the laws of the biggest democracy in the world (India). Well read, articulate and extremely knowledgeable. Stays an inspiration for many progressive people even now.
  6. Christopher Hitchens
    Famously called The Hitch. Never backed down from a fight. Always stood against charlatans and frauds. You may not agree with everything he says and his politics. He was a great writer and a wonderful debater.
  7. Richard Stallman
    Free Software Philosophy and privacy champion. A bit of a eccentric but rightfully remains so which has resulted in the survival of the free software movement for so many years. All developers and especially startups should be thankful to him for his ideas kick started to what now has made software companies free from torture of closed applications and related financial problems. Thank goodness for GNU/Linux
  8. Linus Torvald
    Linux 😄
  9. Iilayaraja
    An answer from the Tamil speaking community to Hans Zimmer