As per the request of @nfiedler19
  1. Cheese.
    No meal or day for that matter is complete without cheese.
  2. Mozz sticks.
    When I'm sad or stressed or angry or happy or anxious or those days when you want to cry because you're feeling all these emotions... The only thing that can cure that is mozz sticks.
  3. Music.
    This is my favorite quote about music because it is so damn accurate and that's honestly my favorite thing about music.
  4. Sleep.
    I don't think this needs to be explained. I just love to sleep. Period. End of story.
  5. Puppies.
    Especially puppy videos. I cry every time I go on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.
  6. Baby animals.
    all other smol animals make me hella happy too
  7. Wearing other peoples' sweatshirts.
    I rarely wear my own clothes. I'm growing a collection of my friends' sweatshirts.
  8. Other peoples' words.
    Check out my Pinterest (@aray351). I have an extensive board dedicated to Words, and another to solely F. Scott Fitzgerald's words. I'm so bad at finding the words to explain my feelings, so other peoples' will have to do for now.
  9. F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    His words are my favorite and anytime I read anything by him I am stopped in my tracks and cannot think anymore.
  10. My people.
    Cannot even describe how grateful I am for these people that completely changed my life and bring me so much happiness.