No introduction necessary!
  1. Watching red carpet events. I know. I'm embarrassed to admit it. I love to see "what they're wearing." I know I'm not supposed to enjoy superficial stuff like this being a Montana girl, a place where women don't indulge in wearing even the slightest bit of makeup, but rather, adorn their 'natural' faces.
  2. Slapstick comedy. As a self-proclaimed film buff, I'm just now coming out of the closet about this. Although I love that female comedians are taking up more space in Hollywood!
  3. Burnt cheese.
  4. Biographies - as to get the dish on people.
  5. Hawaii. I know. It's cliche. Especially when your friends are traveling to Morocco, Bali and Latvia. But Hawaii is my guilty pleasure (Kauai in particular). In fact, I fantasize about it when I'm not there, and listen to Hawaiian music during harsh Montana winter storms.
  6. Brownie corners. And edges.
  7. Real Time with Bill Maher. And binge watching Orange is the New Black.