Admit it, late night talk shows have their place. Tho often mindless, they can alleviate angst brought about from the daily grind. Over the years I've watched the gamut of late night tv from Letterman to Kimmel (and of course the charming Jimmy Fallon-who's got skills, no doubt). But there's something about Conan that makes me laugh like no other.
  1. He's shameless.
    How many other talk show hosts let audience members pinch their nipples? Really. It's groundbreaking.
  2. He's a great physical comedian.
    His mere size makes him stand out above the others'. And the hair...
  3. The wittiest guy on television.
    I wouldn't want to quip challenge Conan. There aren't too many who could stand up to him.
  4. He's multi faceted.
    The guy can play guitar, sing, and rip it up with his stand up.
  5. He's all heart.
    Conan can get emotional. This makes him all the more lovable in my eyes.
  6. His Kevin Hart/Ice T skits are off the charts funny. Period.