1. "Pop goes the weasel." The hero sticks an airpump into the belly button of the villain and turns it on until the villain expands and explodes. The villain, in this instance, is played by Pauly Shore.
  2. "Take a chill pill." The hero shoves an ice shard down the throat of the villain, then punches him in the throat, shattering the shard and instantly killing him.
  3. "Here's your drink, sir. Straight up WITH A TWIST." Disguised as a waiter, the hero places a martini in front of the villain before violently snapping his neck.
  4. "Care for a slice???" Again, the hero is disguised as a waiter, this time at a mom & pop Italian restaurant in suburban Chicago, right before he cuts the villain's throat with a pizza cutter.
  5. "Signed, sealed, delivered, YOU'RE MINE!" A FedEx guy unloads a large package. The villain says, "What's this?" The FedEx guy, "Don't fuck with my day, buddy." The villain signs then gives the FedEx truck the finger as it drives away. Suddenly, the hero bursts out of the cardboard box and stabs him in the forehead with a letter opener.