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  1. Poke the excavated area with a toothpick
  2. Send photos of the excavated tooth to the group chat
    (esp if it still has dried blood on it)
  3. Take a gram of painkillers every time you want to eat peanuts or cereals
    maybe just a lil bit 😌😌😌
I was coming off the anesthesia while making this list
  1. 1.
    Eat ice cream
  2. 2.
List of lists I've made of books I've been meaning to read/buy if I weren't so broke.
  1. Printed Word Wish List
    Around two dozen classics I've never read before but heard of, and a couple from Haruki Murakami.
  2. Books I've Read But Never Had My Own Copy Of
    Would you believe I've never had my own copy of the Harry Potter series??
  3. More To Read
    Searched for books my favorite fictional characters have read at 3am and came up with 26 titles
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