"I've got to make sure that YouTube comes down to tape this." -Michael Scott
  1. Kailee McKenzie
    She's super cute and stylish. Nobody can rock a pair of culottes better than Kailee.
  2. Will Darbyshire
    Cute, British, smart, and creative. Every girl's dream. Too bad he's taken. (For the record, his girlfriend, Arden Rose, is super awesome so it's cool I guess).
  3. Byron Talbott
    A very talented chef who should totes come to my house, cook me food, and make me fat.
  4. Lindsey Hughes
    The first person I EVER subscribed to on YouTube. She's so sweet and genuine and I feel like I've grown up with her.
  5. Meghan Hughes
    Lindsey's younger sis who was maybe the 4th or 5th person I ever subscribed too. Meghan just has some great ~vibes~ and looks amazing in the color yellow.
  6. Home Cooking Adventure
    I watch way too many cooking videos for a girl who can't cook.
  7. The Fashion Citizen
    Melissa & Stephanie aka The Fashion Citizen are the freakin coolest girls I've ever seen. They are INSANELY fashionable and inspiring, and make me want to move to Arizona so I can join their sisterhood and we can all go thrifting together.
  8. Summer Break
    What can I say? I love LA teen drama. Also I have a feeling some of the future cast might be from my school so that's interesting.
  9. Sammi Quinn
    Sammi's content is so inspiring. Not only is her fashion game SO strong, her overall videos/editing are absolutely amazing. Definitely my YouTube inspo if I ever seriously pursued it.
  10. LaMadelynn
    The most adorable person on YouTube. Her Twin Peaks makeup tutorial for Audrey changed my life.
  11. Frankie Cooks
    I have binge watched so many of Frankie's cooking videos in the past few days. He is very creative and very talented, and the way he speaks Italian MAKES ME MELT. Speak to me like one of your Italian dishes.
  12. BONUS: Frankie Cooks (again)
    He posted this on Instagram with the caption "Got a little too excited while eating spaghetti sauce lol" SO CUTE WOW