Prom is in a month and a half, and I currently have no date. Plz leave suggestions in the comments.
  1. Jeff Goldblum
    I think I've mentioned him in almost all my lists. This will never happen because he is the same age as my dad.
  2. Hot boy in my grade
    We were co-counsellors a few weeks ago at an overnight camp. But he's also the hottest boy in the grade so...
  3. Glen from Mad Men
    Kinda creepy but also kinda hot and close to my age (I think?)
  4. My dog
    Someone who will want to be around me. He always dresses like this.
  5. 19 year old who was in my math class last year
    He is beautiful and perfect which is exactly why he wouldn't go with me. And we got a C on a project we did together last year.
  6. My dead fish
    There are two.
  7. Freshmen in my film class
    They're into film but they are also FRESHMEN.
  8. My history teacher
    We are pretty tight.
  9. My history teacher's son
    Actually nevermind because he's in the 8th grade.
  10. Any of the Lyon brothers from Empire
    Ugh yes PLEASE
  11. My ex-boyfriend
  12. My NYU rejection letter
    ha ha ha
  13. James Franco
    I think he'd be down. Have you SEEN Palo Alto?
  14. James Dean
    R.I.P. :(
  15. Guy I actually truly like
    This guy in my grade who is SUPER CUTE and SWEET and SMART would ask me to prom in my dreams. Plz pray for me this kid is cool