Random pictures from my phone I hope my 1 follower will enjoy :-)
  1. One of my dogs pretends to be a cat and sits on my shoulder (???)
  2. Jeff GoldBLOOM. I fucking love this man.
  3. My actual reaction when I saw some hater's Facebook post talking smack about Adam Driver. HOW DARE YOU
  4. I was a counselor at an overnight camp for 4.5 days and my parents got me this. I'm like sooo special.
  5. A selfie I took at a BUTTERFLY FARM! CUTE!
  6. A selfie I took 3 seconds after the last. Butterflies are kinda ew.
  7. This hella ~deep~ pic I took on the drive home from Vegas. I used a filter from snapchat.
  8. Like mother like daughter.
  9. One time my friend saw Jeff Goldblum (❤️), his wife (💔,) and his dog, Woody Allen Goldblum (❤️).
  10. Me and my very very very very best friend in the entire world, Kimia. I love her more than Jeff Goldblum.
  11. My friend Skye's room. She's super cool. (Not pictured: a cheetah lava lamp.)
  12. Me at the q&a for "Why Not Me?" written by @mindy. Definitely the best night of my life.