Currently starting season 5 of one of the greatest shows I've ever seen, and this is how I feel.
  1. Susan is really fucking annoying. Stop with that whole "adorable" clutzy act, you're like 40 years old. Get your life together.
  2. Bree is my IDOL!!! She's a boss ass bitch and seems kinda psycho but I love it.
  3. Carlos is just sorta interesting now. He is a blind masseuse (?) and looks like Mark Ruffalo.
  4. I miss Gabby's glamour. She was so spicy and cute and now just has to take care of her overweight child.
  5. Lynette & Tom are so cute. I hope I marry a handsome man like Tom and have cute kids like the Scavo twins.
  6. Orson Hodge is so frickin adorable. Kyle MacLachlan is a national treasure.
  7. Andrew Van de Camp is SO CUTE!!! UGH!!! WHY IS HE GAY?!!!!
  8. Ugh, this show makes me want to get married and have kids. But also ew. Ok bye