1. Animal Rights Activist
    I had a dream last night that I stabbed someone who was trying to eat my dog. But in his defense he was just trying to level the playing field since he only ate animals that aren't targeted. For ex. he left chickens and cows alone
  2. Tragic Love Triangle
    Even more devastating is when Michael B Jordan was in love with me but we couldn't be together because his best friend who is from my high school and trying to become a rapper was in love with me first
  3. Bieber the Preacher
    Some guy was following me and tried to kill me because I like rap. In the same dream we were in a church and Justin Bieber was talking and someone got up and yelled "if someone's gonna shoot him shoot him now"
  4. Questionable Priorities
    In a dream where my deceased brother came to visit I could only focus on my best friend because she got her thumb pierced
  5. Old Reliable
    A recurring dream I've had since before I can remember where the vacuum cleaner from Teletubbies is chasing me and then I run on to a boat where I have to fight Darth Maul from Star Wars with only a no. 2 pencil