1. When @MaryKendall was hysterically laughing as I learned that my phone had burned to its death in a bonfire.
  2. When I drove into a median and crashed my car because I didn't see it.
    I feel the need to say that there was absolutely no alcohol in my system.
  3. When I was stranded in Paris by myself for 1 day without cellular service or a place to stay.
  4. When I missed a connecting train in Germany because I went to search for fairly priced Birkenstocks.
  5. When I was running after my train, as it left me behind, yelling, "FUCK." Only to turn around and find a sweet German grandma staring at me.
  6. When I played a show and knew none of the words to 3/4 of the songs I was playing, so I frantically wrote them on sketch paper 30 minutes before the show.
  7. When I accidentally stopped at a red light in the middle of an intersection in San Francisco. Then corrected into the trolley lane, with a trolley coming in hot.
  8. When my mother blamed my third grade teacher for my lack of math skills.
    Note: there is no correlation.