Not at all connected, just music that makes me feel something
  1. Chess by Petite Noir
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  2. Angels (ft. Saba) by Chance the Rapper
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  3. 2 Yrs Late (ft. Tulpa) by Blankts & Teddy
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  4. Trap Tears (ft. Key) by Raury
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    Some other favorites from this album include Woodcrest Manor II, Crystal Express, and Friends
  5. CHA CHA by D.R.A.M
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  6. Black & Blue by Miike Snow
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  7. Still by The Japanese House
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  8. Like Real People Do by Hozier
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  9. You're the Best by Wet
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  10. Evergreens by Allan Kingdom
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    His new album, Northern Lights, just released on Soundcloud yesterday 😋😋