I don't really qualify as an angsty teen but sometimes ya gotta pretend 💁🏻
  1. 505 by Arctic Monkeys
    Honestly any song by them, cause don't you just want to feel all conflicted when you listen to them? Or is that just me
  2. Kathleen by Catfish and the Bottlemen
    Ugh messed up relationships are the best right? Like dang that chorus
  3. Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan
    This is the epitome of teen angst and feeling confused and misunderstood. So many feelings
  4. Know Yourself by Drake
    So paranoid and full of angst. AND I can run thru the 6 with my woes, as the area code for Minneapolis is 612 😎
  5. Not Today by Twenty One Pilots
    This is the ultimate "you can't fix me" song = rebellious angst