Adventure to Elyssia

First train ride merits a list of my random thoughts, right? Really, any adventure means a random list of thoughts is in order.
  1. 3:30 am
    Why the hell did I set an alarm for 3:30?
  2. 3:31 am
    Oh. Because traffic.
  3. 5:30 am
    My mom clearly did not get enough sleep.
  4. 6:00 am
    So...they just don't check in your bags...?...!
  5. 6:25 am
    God does this thing shake like this the whole time??
  6. 6:50 am
    Laughing because of the amount of snacks I brought and because I got stopped on the platform to check my age. Yes, I am indeed old enough to ride alone, thank you.
  7. 7:23 am
    Is it frowned upon to take my shoes off and cuddle up in my seat? Because I really want to just take my shoes off and cuddle into a ball and nap a little
  8. 7:34 am
    That bathroom was terrifying. Wtf.
  9. 7:40 am - what I've learned so far
    I wish I had worn leggings, an oversized sweater, and slippers. This is a 10 hour train ride. Why did I wear jeans? Also I wish I brought a pillow and a blanket. It's freezing in here.
  10. 7:58 am
    I'm thinking I can take my shoes off it I want, at least I have sock on. This is so random to be seeing. While I'm trying to enjoy the scenery.
  11. 8:00 am
    She has both feet up there now.
  12. 9:49 am
    Dozed off for a bit, my arm slipped from under my chin, my head fell forward, and I woke up very confused. I'm sure this will happen multiple times.
  13. 11:20 am
    Got to stretch outside at union station, but couldn't see any of the DC sights, sadly