Tv Shows You Can Always Find Me Loving

Strong, smart, ass-kicking female leads are my favorite
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Too much responsibility and pressure put on a young woman who still takes it on, goes to school, kicks a lot of ass, always looks out for her friends and strangers, selfless, devoted, determined, strong. Add in Willow who finds her strengths and confidence through great character development plus she's an amazing witch and this series is everything you need.
  2. Jessica Jones
    Another ass-kicking female that doesn't take anyone's shit. Suffers from PTSD from multiple things but the terrible things she has endured have not made her lose her humanity or ability to love (even if she pretends like it did). Finds her worth again in helping and saving people- but still doesn't take anyone's shit-ever.
  3. iZombie
    Your perfect life is turned upside down when you're turned into the brain-eating undead but somehow eventually find a way to turn it into a way to still live while helping people and solving murders.
  4. Once Upon A Time
    Does this even need a caption?