1. β€’
    πŸŽ‰ because celebrating is important
  2. β€’
    πŸ’€ because sometimes things make me want to pass away
  3. β€’
    🀘🏼rock n roll
  4. β€’
    😍 this means I love something a lot so much so that my heart got stuck in my eyeballs
  5. β€’
    🐻 this is baby bear and he is the cutest one
  6. β€’
    πŸŒ™ cute lil moon I just love it
  7. β€’
    πŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘ these because I am a queen
  8. β€’
    πŸ‘ a peach because I think calling people a peach is a v nice compliment
  9. β€’
    πŸ”₯ hot tamale
  10. β€’
    😏 I'm flirting but also I wanna fuck u