1. He is so so so sweet
  2. Like fruit juice and plums#
  3. He listens to me when I am sad AND when I am happy and having something excited to tell gim
  4. Did you know he does laundry all the time
  5. I love when he makes his bed for me, especially when the fitted sheet is on right
  6. Sometimes Gordon offers to drive and that is so nice
  7. When Gordon comes to my house he pets Marlowe because he loves her but also pets Bruce because he doesn't discriminate and knows all cats need cuddles
  8. Gordon loves food with gluten but still will eat at places I can eat wow his heart is kind and so is his stomach
  9. Sleeping
  10. When we nap he cuddles me
  11. When we don't nap he cuddles me
  12. He lets me sleep on the side with the bed side table so I can put my stuff there
  13. When we go to menchies he doesn't rush me
  14. When I get a supply day he thinks about what I'm wearing
  15. He helps me make rice crispies
  16. He doesn't mind when I make voices for george
  17. Soemtimes I tell him I'm sad and he just hugs me and tells me he loves me
  18. When we lay in bed I am so happy and it's all his fault
  19. My Gordon is my favourite thing
  20. I love him more than I love my birthday
  21. He is the most most most handsome