1. I've seen some people on here talking about how they struggle with writerly discipline. I did/do too, but I am getting better, and here is how:
  2. I aim to write for 6 hours a week minimally and I email my writing group/friends to tell them how many hours I wrote. No response is required.
  3. There are so many things that didn't work: writing every day for 45 minutes, writing every day for an unspecified amount of time, having a secret Twitter where I logged how much I wrote, trying to hit a certain page count.
  4. I like my method because it is as flexible as can be. I have a full-time job, so I'm busy, and sometimes my plans spontaneously change.
  5. Maybe the title of this list is debatable, because who's to say if it works when I haven't had any major successes.
  6. But I feel like I am improving and getting a lot done, and I am proud of that if nothing else.
  7. Maybe it will work for you?