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  1. Veronica Mars
    I'm midway through the first season and I have so many questions. Where is the Weevil/Lilly spinoff that fans deserve? Why does Veronica flirt with her dad so much? Why do all these elitist jerks send their kids to a regular-ass public school? Regardless, I'm loving this show.
  2. Spitfire sunglasses
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    These are about $50 a pop and stylish and sturdy as hell.
  3. Fitbit
    This high-tech bracelet toy gives me points for taking good care of myself. I LOVE POINTS!
  4. Charli XCX live
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    Thank you @helwolf . All hail the London Queen.
  5. The Amy Winehouse exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum
    This "family portrait" is thoughtful and intimate. The tragedy of her life is palpable but not explicitly acknowledged. Seeing this is a good follow-up to the movie, which I really liked.