1. Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves
    Country music that feels personal. I want to hang out with her and drink beers in a schoolyard after all the kids have gone home.
  2. Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer
    Not too heavy, and it smells rull good.
  3. Taking the transbay buses
    Sure, they are more expensive and slower, but they are so much cleaner and less crowded/smelly/inexplicably humid than BART!
  4. An internet comment where some guy told a woman to go flick her bean
    This was and is a hateful thing to say, but my god, what a whimsical vehicle for sexism! It sounds downright adorable!
  5. The Alley in Oakland
    This divey bar serves sandwiches and reminds me of the ramshackle punk venues of my youth.