I'm a fan.
  1. The Country of Ice Cream Star
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    DROP EVERYTHING AND READ THIS. It's the story of a 15-year-old girl (Ice Cream Star) who takes it upon herself to cure her village of Posies, the disease that kills everyone over 21 in post-apocalyptic America. The Russians have the cure, but Americans don't trust them, and for good reason. There is SEX and DEATH and BETRAYAL and GUNS and ADVENTURE, but also very sensitive descriptions of the characters' inner worlds. Also, it has its own language. 💖
  2. Emotion, Carly Rae Jepsen
    An album full of late '80s FM radio jams...in 2015. This is the music your babysitter played in her hot car back in the day. Baby! Take me! To the! Feeling!
  3. Mystery Show
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    It takes Starlee Kine about an hour to solve everyday mysteries on this podcast, which is playful and benign in a good way.
  4. Difficult People
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    For those who don't know, it's a Hulu show about assholes trying to become famous assholes. It appeals to me because I'm tempted to tell a total stranger to shut the fuck up *at least* once a day. These characters would actually do it. It's malignant in a good way. Plus, it's so Jewy!
  5. Evelyn Ivey, DVM
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    I had to put my cat down this month, which was obviously heartbreaking, but I feel that I did it right: at home, in my arms, through a process that ensured Hank would feel no pain. Dr. Ivey even sent me a card afterward and gave me a list of resources for people who have lost pets. She is not the cheapest euthanasia vet, but I'm willing to bet she's the best. RIP Hank.
  6. "What is the Point of College?" by Kwame Anthony Appiah in the New York Times
    "One student thinks 'bi-curious' is a word; the other doesn’t see why you would use molecular-orbital theory when valence bonding provides answers faster. The two students cross paths only physically. It’s almost as if they’re attending two different colleges." http://nyti.ms/1Od7JFJ
  7. AFROPUNK mixtape #009
    In a broad sense, rap and punk are the musical styles of the underclass of two different races. They are united at last and the results are gloorrrriouuuussss http://bit.ly/1KeaRea
  8. Tenth of December by George Saunders
    For something so critically acclaimed, this is unusually accessible and sentimental. Both are compliments in my book. Plus, when was the last time you read a multifaceted, sympathetic portrayal of a working class family that didn't imply you should feel sorry for them? Luv George Saunders' stories and his bleeding heart ❤️