(the Colleen Green album 💚)
  1. "I've got a mind of my own and I know it's a good one/So I won't take advice from fools"
  2. "Cause I'm shitty and I'm lame and I'm dumb and I'm a bore/And once you get to know me you won't love me anymore"
  3. "Cause I'm sick of being immature/I wanna be responsible/And I'm so sick of being insecure/I wanna be more comfortable"
  4. "Small talk at the Smell/Talk so small/You'd need a microscope to discern much at all/And just as well"
  5. "Is there anything stronger than biology?/Is love being ruined by technology?"
  6. "Everything is a stressor/fragile teeth bear the pressure"
  7. "TV is my friend, and it has been/With me every day from an early age"
  8. "Lately I've become aware/That I can do whatever I want"