Why say "I'm not married" when you can show it? Make suggestions if you wanna!
  1. Overalls
    Because it's the early '90s in your heart and you're super granola, or maybe just a big TLC fan
  2. Leggings (including jeggings) as pants
    What else am I supposed to wear beneath my many baggy t-shirts?
  3. Leaving the house with wet hair
    No one will know if you've just showered or never showered.
  4. Formal shorts
    Maybe I want to look adorable *and* I want a little ventilation. Is that too much to ask?
  5. Acrylic nails/French tips
    Watch the video for "Pro Nails" by Kid Sister (ft. Kanye West) and see if you don't agree
  6. Unsubtle cleavage