but I really love them all. In descending order. Psssst this list has made me gay.
  1. Red
    LUV THIS BITCH. The best TV example of why Eastern European women are so persuasive/terrifying.
  2. Sophia Burset
    I would literally die of happiness if she called me "honey" even once
  3. Nicky
    because she's tough and magnetic and I feel for this poor little rich girl
  4. Taystee
    because she's funny
  5. Poussey
    loyal friend/smart/so0o0o0 pretty
  6. Gloria
    I love a woman who can kill you with a look.
  7. Daya
    Because I think it's hilarious when she gets whiny and I think she is hot
  8. Flaca
    what's up girl I also love the Smiths and eye makeup do you want to hang out
  9. Maritza
    Just because of how hot she is
  10. Crazy Eyes
    Man, she just breaks my heart.