1. Her dad is a real piece of shit.
    He left their family when Amy was young, because he was cheating, and only got back in touch when Amy started getting famous.
  2. She was bulimic.
    It wasn't only the drug use that was responsible for her emaciated frame.
  3. Her main musical interest was in jazz.
    Her knowledge of jazz and her talent impressed both Tony Bennett and Questlove, among others.
  4. Her scumbag ex Blake introduced her to heroin and crack so they could use together.
    But before she met him, she had serious problems with alcohol.
  5. There were a few opportunities for her to clean up, but she had some powerful enablers.
    Before she died, she had completely quit drugs at least once--but nobody told her to stop drinking, apparently. Amy seemed ready to change, but certain people around her just saw her as a cash cow with no needs. She was not allowed to take time away from touring, even though she desperately needed it.
  6. She had some great fucking friends
    Her ex-manager and her two best friends from childhood were always there for her and pushed her (kindly) to stop hurting herself. They seemed to feel guiltier than the actually shitty people. Even though she had good friends, they were outmatched by her psychological scars/enablers/fame.
  7. Holy shit, Amy Winehouse was so talented.
    Like, once-in-a-generation talented. And her life was so sad. Damn.