inspired by @tothemaxxx ! At HPHS, you were a popular kid, a burnout/artsy kid, or a nerd. This list mostly applies to the white kids in our segregated public school. Welcome to the Chicago suburbs!
  1. Being an arty popular kid or a mean burnout
    The popular kids were not half bad. They were attractive, charismatic, and socially adept. Some of the burnouts/artsy kids were oddly snobbish, and they always seemed to be the leaders.
  2. Being afraid of Chicago and then suddenly loving it
    This was also weird for me, since my dad lived/I part-time lived in Chicago since I was 4. Large scale gentrification had begun!
  3. Getting good grades if it seemed like you weren't trying
    Nothing is worse than an uptight tryhard! Just ask me cause I totally was one.
  4. Taking adderall or getting extra time on tests for the competitive advantage
    Of course some people need these things, but come on, not everyone does.
  5. juicy velour tracksuits, razr phones, ironic shirts, and trucker hats
  6. Getting extremely drunk at house parties in neighboring Deerfield
  7. Pretending like everyone else is rich and snobby but you're really grounded
    This one was weird for me as I, the daughter of divorced parents who were actually middle-income for most of my childhood, caught on that everyone thinks they're middle class.
  8. Cocaine, adderall, and weed
    People bought and took these things at school! not me obvi because I was very innocent in my youth 😇
  9. Gossiping about who had done hard drugs and who was a slut
  10. Xanga
  11. Radiohead and Kanye West