in order of most to least listened to + favorite tracks
  1. hamilton
    the schuyler sisters, satisfied, wait for it, guns and ships, history has its eyes on you, dear theodosia, cabinet battle #1
  2. heathers
    candy store, freeze your brain, dead girl walking, our love is god, seventeen, lifeboat, yo girl, meant to be yours
  3. book of mormon
    hello!, you and me (but mostly me), all-american prophet, making things up again, spooky mormon hell dream, i believe
  4. les miserables
    who am i?, stars, in my life, a heart full of love, one day more, on my own, bring him home, empty chairs at empty tables
  5. wicked
    the wizard and i, something bad, dancing through life, i'm not that girl, thank goodness, as long as you're mine, no good deed, for good
  6. rent
    rent, one song glory (aaron tviets cover 😍), light my candle, tango: maureen, out tonight, santa fe, la vie boheme, contact, what you own, your eyes
  7. the lion king
    circle of life, grasslands chant, they live in you, one by one, the madness of king scar, endless night, can you feel the love tonight
  8. west side story
    somethings coming, maria, america, tonight, gee officer krupke!, one hand one heart, cool, somewhere
  9. chicago
    cell block tango, we both reached for the gun, roxie