1. What's that strange smell? Is something burning.
    Up I go to check the oven, wall sockets, dryer and all the lights in the house.
  2. Did I lock the front door? Or the other 3?
    Up again.
  3. What did I forget to do today?
    I better make a list so I remember to do it tomorrow.
  4. What else do I have to do tomorrow?
    Make another list
  5. I think I have to pee
    Maybe not but I better try now so I'm not woken up to do it
  6. I think I'm thirsty
  7. I'm hot.
    Turns on the fan
  8. What was the name of my second grade teacher?
    What about my first grade teacher?
  9. I'd like to visit the Taj Mahal but I hear they might close it to the public soon. I wonder how much flights would be.
    Let me just check on my phone real quick. Ouch.
  10. What other places should I visit before I won't be able to?
  11. I wonder if my cholesterol is high. How do you check that? I wonder how you lower it if it is.
    Maybe I should look this up.
  12. Did I set my alarm clock?
  13. What time is it by the way?
  14. I'm cold.
  15. Should we go to the beach this weekend? I wonder what the weather is gonna be like. I wonder how cold the water will be.
  16. What was that cartoon that had the little bears that traveled in underground tunnels..... I think they were bears.... It was back in '83 or '84.... same time that cartoon Snorkels was on.
  17. Does it even matter if you are reincarnated of you can't remember your past life?
  18. I think I need to pee again
  19. I can't believe it's already morning