New to lists. 29, mechanical engineer for Fitbit, make beer, into food, beer, gardening, old cars, Maui, hunting, fishing, subarus..
  1. Beer. Making and drinking.
  2. Food. Making and eating.
  3. Engineering. I work as an ME at Fitbit and I am into the more traditional cars/engines side as well.
  4. Hunting. Get over it, I like to kill AND EAT delicious animals.
  5. Fishing. Knowledgeable in Salmon and albacore fishing. Also great at drinking beer while fishing.
  6. Subarus. I own one and am hooked on turbos. Waiting on that 2016 sti with the direct injected 2.5l...
  7. Old cars (ford mostly). I have a good grip on how they work and have restored (helped at least) a few. Mustangs and more recently Broncos. I have a 65 fastback with a supercharged 289 running 10lbs boost.
  8. Maui. My wife's family is from there and we go a lot so I know a lot if the good spots. I get island fever after 2 weeks but I love it there.
  9. Oakland. I live there and stuff.
  10. San Luis Obispo. I used to live there. And stuff.