1. Things that made them smile and laugh
  2. Their favorite things
  3. Your favorite and most exciting moments with them
  4. How badly you wish you could hug them. Help them. Be there for them.
  5. Reread every text/email/online conversation you had with them
  6. How brave they must of been to take the world head on when battling something so deeply hurtful
  7. Did death bring them relief?
  8. Did they tell anyone? Did they ever feel safe or loved or was the pain constant?
  9. Are their spirits forever present or only within the fist few hours of passing?
  10. How do I tell others without being insensitive or inappropriate ?
  11. How do I even being to express my condolences to their family/close relatives in an honest and heartfelt way?
  12. How to respectfully move forward yet still carry their spirit with you ?
  13. When does the crying stop and the healing begin ?
  14. Your awareness of your friends and family members, keep them close, take care of them