List is always in progress
  1. So We did Coke last night and, ya know, I just didn't wanna go outside the next day
  2. I just really prefer to pee outdoors
  3. Whats your mind castle?
  4. No one can break into your mine castle
  5. I always make sense
  6. Once a clown always a clown
  7. I am a magician
  8. I was the worst clown in clown school but I still have potential
  9. I think I could be a philosopher of clowning
  10. Real life or movie life
  11. I'm a very insecure clown
  12. Wanna clown off?
  13. I have a keyhole in my girdle
  14. It's like taking change from a stripper
  15. What is this music? Is this art?
  16. Drinking helps a lot of thing. Realizing that is key for adults
  17. god low key hate the gym
  18. I really want Taco Bell but I'm also about to have sex
  19. Gyms are ridiculous. Why do we get in our cars and drive to a building where we get inside and exhaust our bodies when we could just exercise outside?
  20. Omg I want a sparkle face selfie
  21. I just don't understand people who feel the need to be dark
  22. Ghosts have sex with me
  23. Trail mix is just m&ms with obstacles