I'm a swim instructor for 3-7 year olds.
  1. "My eyes are green."
    His eyes were brown.
  2. "I am seeing Cars 3 today!"
    I had no idea that came out.
  3. "I feel bad for people who wear glasses! They can't wear goggles."
  4. "You're my best friend."
  5. "There are monsters in the water."
  6. "You can't say you can't do something if you haven't tried."
    The boy was giving a pep talk.
  7. "Remember in the minion movie when the minion poops on his dress?? That was funny!"
  8. "You were in my dream last night."
  9. "I just farted... Excuse me."
  10. "You're my best friend because I like your hair."
  11. "I like you. We are friends"