untweetable but li.st-able
  1. hit my head on someones knee cap who claimed it wasn't metal when im 99% sure it was
  2. Static
  3. i am the literal definition of the "girl next door," all my friends want to be set up w/ each other while i help out
  4. is there really a right way to tell someone you fell in love the first day you met them because of the way they speak??
  5. *cries on the way to work bc triggered by rain and imogen heap playing"
  6. sober now after a couple glasses of wine and life is boring again
  7. ‪tried to pinpoint how i became so bitter about people but then realized its bc ppl constantly disappoint me and i no longer have the patience‬
    actually untweetable because i am exceeding the character limit
  8. Y is texting first or making the first move a taboo? whats wrong w going for what you want and knowing what you want
  9. ‪my mom told me not to talk to her if i dyed my hair. guess whos dyeing their hair‬
  10. ‪12:13 am trying to pinpoint when and how i became so bitter and evil‬