Wines I've Tried in 2017

  1. ballin' on a budget ($10)
    (01/10/17) This wine is probably one of the tastiest wines I've had. Joey and Jelinda were recommended this wine when they were going to buy Barefoot's sparkling white moscato but got this instead and it was super good. Its fruity and sweet. "Its a great balance between sparkling and juice." -Guy from Total Wine
  2. a sparkling good time ($?)
    (05/16/17) Really strong and sparkling. Lacks sweetness. Would only strictly recommend if you need to get drunk at a moderate pace.
  3. not-so-pink moscato ($12?)
    (05/18/17) red is the new pink. sweet taste in the beginning with a slightly undesirable aftertaste. barely sparkling. was spilled accidentally two times in the night, ill let that be the judge of how enjoyable it was.
  4. half-ass watch the bachelorette type of wine ($??)
    (07/10/17) It was alright. Type of wine you drink when you're catching up with a long lost best friend from middle school. 10/10 recommend if your friend is Taylor.
  5. I wanna drink more but in secrecy type of wine ($6??)
    (07/10/17) This beauty comes in a compact box for any type of occasion. Perfect for occasions such as pregaming or running out of bottled wine while watching the bachelorette so you bring this out.
  6. Everything Will Be Ok If It's Rosé ($12)
    (07/28/17) Super sweet. Big fan. Pair it with your Friday night and a 90s crime film. 8/10