S P A N / 2016 - Highlighting the creative community within LA
  1. The ability to communicate using text
  2. Simple Helvética Design for The Office
  3. One More Thing
    Stories and Other Stories
  4. #1 Best Sellers List in the Picture Category for New York Times
    It didn't have any pictures
  5. The genius of List
    I see @triketora 🖐🏾 No one has a phone the size of this presentation
  6. How the Cue Button can be redesigned
    The brand name needs a name change
  7. Text has no inherit qualities unlike the emoji
    With the right way of emojis placements, you can have sex or no sex
  8. Emojis are incredible examples of minimalism
    There are 4 different smiles and 9 different frowns
  9. He was hoping to end at zero