I love baseball and loved MLB when I was younger. But, for me, it has increasingly lost its allure. Here's why.
  1. It's just not easy to go to a Major League Baseball game.
    Ticket, food, and parking prices have driven many people away from MLB parks. The types of attendees have changed a lot (for the worse) over the past decade.
  2. At the park, it's really no longer about the actual game.
    Between each team vying for the most outrageous ballpark foods to the many other diversions many MLB ballparks now have, it's not really about the game, it's a totally sensory overload, often not in a good way.
  3. Games are still too long.
    I know that the league still tries to keep games to a reasonable length, but they're still too long and seem even longer than they are.
  4. The playoff structure is better but still bad.
    Simply put, too few teams make the post-season. The NFL has the perfect playoff structure. While the MLB's addition of the wild-card game is nice, there are still too many teams' fans who see zero hope of the playoffs as early as mid-June, which is nuts.
  5. The minor league experience is so damn amazing.
    Again, I love baseball and grew up playing it. The minor leagues are amazing, the more so the lower you are (my favorite is full-season single-A). The parks are fun, the seats are close and very in expensive, a nice hot dog and beer sets you back $5, not $30 or more. And there's no such thing as a routine ground ball in single-A 😎
  6. We can't relate to the players anymore.
    This isn't just an MLB issue and it didn't start this year, but I feel something more in my heart for the journeyman minor league outfielder making $950/month than I do when the very occasional one graduates to $9.5M/year in the bigs, good for him, and all.
  7. TV has killed the game.
    It's now possible to watch pretty much ever game of your favorite MLB team on TV or even your damn phone. It's a different experience from going to a great ballpark and it desensitizes us to the beauty of the experience of actually going to a game.
  8. Most ballparks are meh.
    Toronto is home for me. Our ballpark is really boring. It's the opposite of somewhere like AT&T park, which has way too much going on, as described above. I'm actually spoiled by fantastic minor league parks, such as the one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.