For reasons good and bad, this is a list of people you should consider avoiding if you happen to encounter them.
  1. Anyone carrying a gun
  2. Most people carrying knives. Chefs and cooks are a logical exception unless you've insulted them, their food, their staff, or establishment. Actually, just avoid them, too
  3. Anyone carrying a single item with both hands.
  4. Anyone riding a Citibike.
  5. Anyone holding a child. You should be at a safe distance from both the carrier and the child.
  6. Anyone talking to themselves (with or without a Bluetooth earpiece)
  7. Nearly all other people on public transportation, even if you sort of think they look like someone you kind of know.
  8. Famous people. They're usually not what you expect and they probably don't want to talk to you either.
  9. Your ex.
  10. Anyone wearing a leather baseball cap. What are they hiding under there?
  11. Anyone wearing a costume on days other than Halloween.
  12. Most people wearing costumes on Halloween.
  13. Anyone you don't know who is trying to hug you.
  14. EMS workers or firefighters. Either you need one or you're in the way.
  15. Anyone who wants to "pick your brain" or "bend your ear." They usually want something for free and email works fine.
  16. Politicians
  17. Street canvassers
  18. Anyone that uses corporate lingo outside of a corporate setting. Phrases like "looped in" or "pinged" or "piggy back" are common. (Thank you Chloe Heintz)
  19. Anyone yelling for any reason.
  20. 9/11 truthers
  21. Ghosts, spirits, banshees, specters, phantoms, wraiths, and apparitions. Why chance it?
  22. Anyone who has invited you to play any game on Facebook