2015 was a big year for the planned endings of long running television series. I didn't watch all of them (sorry Justified, Hart of Dixie, and CSI:) but here's the 10 I did watch, ranked.
  1. Hot in Cleveland
    This was a dreadfully boring episode of television.
  2. Cougar Town
    I had stopped watching after the first TBS season, and the finale wound up fairly anticlimactic. Lost in the shuffle.
  3. Two and a Half Men
    Perhaps the strangest finale. The animated segment was bizarre, but the ending was inspired and memorable.
  4. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    Disappointing compared to the other recent late night finales, including Colbert in late 2014.
  5. Parenthood
    Did exactly what it needed to do, nothing less and not much more.
  6. Late Show with David Letterman
    An inspired look back at a legendary television career, filled with highlights, emotion, and a great star studded top ten.
  7. The League
    Funny and keeping perfectly with the series, with numerous callbacks to the pilot and brilliant casting of an older Ruxin.
  8. Parks and Recreation
    A fitting finale for this series, touching on all the characters that filled Pawnee.
  9. Mad Men
    Sure, an in person scene between Don and any series regular would have been great, but this episode did a great job drawing this legendary series to its end.
  10. Glee
    I quit watching after the Finn farewell episode, but this finale drew on emotion the way all great Glee episodes always did. It was flawed in all the ways Glee always was, but it had enough good to more than balance it out, even for someone who hadn't watched in 2 years.