1. The Namesake - Jhumpa Lahiri
    Discovered Lahiri via my mom who discovered her through a recommendation from one of her patients. There were aspects of the "Indian experience" that I didn't relate to, but it was fascinating nonetheless
  2. Inherit the Wind
    This is a play about the scopes monkey trial that debated creation vs evolution. You might think it's a strange choice for this list since I'm not very religious...AND I'm a scientist.... but honestly the play was captivating. I can't explain how I felt reading the monologues, it was just something else. (Also science won in the end of the play and it was glorious.)
  3. The Phantom tollbooth
    I was reminded of this book earlier this year since it seems everyone and their mothers read it during grade school
  4. The Last Lecture
    Really scary and makes you think of mortality....not for everyone maybe
  5. Matilda
    You're rolling your eyes, I know it. Why put a children's book right? Didn't most children read similar books? First of all, even if they did, it doesn't matter because as a child you can react VERY differently from the child next to you. Almost everything is new! This was the first time I read something that was both funny and encouraging (I could be a girl genius too!)
  6. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
    Such a mature book with a great overlying theme and lessons to be learned. Great flawed protagonist. Amazing callbacks and references for the diligent reader to enjoy