aka. the hardest series from undergrad
  1. it's not impossible, and yes it will come much easier to some than to others
  2. you're not going to ace organic chemistry just because you have a visual mind
    i'm an artist and had no issues visualizing the structures in 3D and still struggled
  3. organic chemistry is always and will always be relevant
    as a med school hopeful and as a person just interested in the world we live in, it's everywhere
  4. your mindset shapes the entire experience
  5. understand your weaknesses before you start
  6. it's a long series, especially with the various lab classes
  7. i studied hard, but told myself it was hopeless
    confidence is key
  8. i thought hours on hours of studying would replace a deep feeling of dread i had
    i should have instead engaged myself in a way that would make me more CONFIDENT instead of my knee jerk reaction to just study longer hours