México travels

FINALLY came to this country ♡ also the time my mom took her first shot of alcohol ever (she was good at taking the shot fast, wow)
  1. Jardin del Tepeyac (behind Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe)
  2. Our Lady of Guadalupe
  3. handmade tacos ... the REAL deal
  4. Climbing up 2,000-year-old Aztec pyramids at Teotihuacan
  5. Pyramid del Sol
  6. Honey from the maguey plantsss
  7. Random dudes who sing from 3-story buildings during the night on the streets of downtown MX
  8. Going to villages like Peralvillo and seeing how similar they are to other countries
  9. Seeing this Buddha look-a-like from Aztec culture (just joking around here, I know it's not based on Buddha)
  10. Diego Rivera murals
  11. Exploring Frida Kahlo's casa azul
  12. Such an honor to be here ♡
  13. From Frida and Diego's actual studios
  14. Dance shows!
  15. Pyramids!!!
    Can't get enough of the ancient pyramids
  16. Aztec blessings were being given on the street
  17. At the zocalo
  18. Dance circles?
  19. Love just walking along small streets and getting the local vibe
  20. Many more I didn't include