Oh boy. Rome. This is going to be long. We both have a rocky relationship with Rome. Some boys I met on the airplane back home agreed. (and some people we met on the train out of venice agreed about venice). Let's get the pics out of the way first before the stories.
  1. Roman Pantheon (largely nothing to do in here) there was a book you could sign to say you've been here. I did that, but wasn't allowed to take a picture of the little note or even the book afterwards (why is there a guard for a book???)
  2. Colloseum. My friend and I spent the whole time talking about what we want to do in our lives and also about how we could ditch Rome early (I also talked about the weird "too white" feeling I got from traveling in europe)
    We both wanted to go to Thailand but it was deemed less safe by the peoples (our dear parents)
  3. Vatican city. We went with our roommate who was from Turkey. She was so cute lol and she always thought her English wasn't good but it was! She accidentally stepped outside the basilica area too soon and wasn't allowed back in, and she was literally heartbroken poor girl. She didn't miss much! We still saw the Sistine Chapel together
  4. Castel d'angelo I believe. We had just walked outside vatican city and were on our way to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain
  5. Trevi Fountain. Clearly not the full view because those pics are buried in my phone but I promise it looked cool. There were just too many people
  6. Handmade pasta. Everything had red meat in it so I had to get literally just pasta with pesto :(
  7. Now for the stories. So we went around with our Turkish friend the first day, and then went out at night (yay Rome bars!!!!)
  8. I started flirting with this guy and my friend told me in the morning that I was flirting really well so I'll just take her word for it. We danced together and made out, but then I went back to my dorm with my friends
    The guy was from TEXAS. where are all the European men????
  9. When we got back to the hostel, there was a girl sleeping in my bed. Apparently they double booked that bed and we had to get everything sorted out. AND THEY GAVE THAT OTHER GIRL A FREE BREAKFAST EVEN THOUGH I HAD TO GO THROUGH INCONVENIENCE TOO
  10. The second day, the Turkish girl was moving to a different room I forgot why. But anyway my friend and I explored together. This was when we went to the colloseum, the Roman pantheon, the Roman forum, and a few other places but we were feeling like this felt more like a sightseeing trip and we didn't want to sightsee.
    We wanted to do cool stuff like hiking up a mountain or white water rafting. It felt too much like a kids trip and we wanted to leave early
  11. Basically we got back to the hostel and booked last-minute stuff! We were originally going to go to Naples but knew we were bored of Italy so we booked impromptu flights to Amsterdam AAAAAHHHH! (They were still relatively cheap but obviously not too cheap so hopefully I never have to do this again)
  12. That night we went to an official Rome Bar Crawl and met some cool people! Andu and Cassy! They were from Denmark and Cassy was actually originally from Goa and I had been there so we talked about it! We talked and talked a lot about all this life stuff and early 20's life. Great conversation but I'll leave some of it in my head.
    Also they both live with their parents but they still enjoy it. And Andu is really in love with Cassy. And we heard of this weird combination of rum and pineapple juice and all loved it!
  13. Some European guys were really grabby and it was very strange. Just a weird vibe from them. I may have danced with a couple guys but I mainly stayed with my friends and danced.
  14. We got shirts at the end and my shirt is so full of memories aaaww it's wonderful. Our last stop was also really cool, it was an outdoor dance space and idk why but there was sand and a stage that some people danced on and there were lights above us.
    The flight was delayed so they let us go into the cockpit and see the gadgets/talk to the pilots