My Geography of Happiness

  1. Dog Parks
  2. Playgrounds
  3. Libraries with quality staff
  4. The gym, even though I refuse to believe it beforehand every single time
  5. Highway 900 in WA in the spring, summer, and Fall
  6. The overlook from Harrison Street in Issaquah...before they built all the houses up there
  7. Taco Bell drive throughs
  8. The Chicago Art Institute
  9. Pikes Place Market in Seattle
  10. Theatre classrooms
  11. Nichols Hall, K-State University
  12. Nights spent on Holli's couch
  13. Boats on Lake of the Ozarks
  14. The kitchen table with my D&D group gathered around it
  15. The small table out of the center of the party where a fantastic conversation is happening over a couple of drinks
  16. Anytime in Alan's arms